KS5 Open Mic Night

Here we have a great collection of songs by Mitchel Fee including Stressed Out  by Twenty One Pilots as well as a song of his own creation titled Heartstrings. To watch his other performances please visit our YouTube channel which is linked here >  Manor School Sports College – Performing Arts.  

This magnificent cover of Winter Winds By Mumford and Sons is sung by Lewis Mayes with Tom Carter on piano. This was Lewis’ first time performing in front of an audience and I think you will, agree he rocked it.

Here is a  fantastic cover of the song To Let You Feel My Love by Billy Joel. This version is performed by Will Elliot, Tom Carter and Matt Dixon. This is Will’s first time performing in front of an audience….Not a bad debut!

This brand new group, made up of Matt Dixon, Lewis Mayes, Cameron Beckingham, Tom Carter and Will Elliot, has superseded everyone’s expectations and we are all looking forward to what they’ll do next.